Clinical Coding


Have Trouble? we are here, All we need is remote access and we’ll be underway.

Paper records? No problem. All you need is a scanner and we’ll do the rest.

You upload, we code!

Ready to disrupt the expensive, time-consuming, inefficient clinical coding models? So are we! Let’s get started. Affordable, high quality, on demand clinical coding is finally here.

We are aware of the complications you face due to changes in medical coding needs. Meeting and handling the changes through prudent planning may prove tough, but then you have us to assist you—we ensure that delayed coding doesn’t impact your receivables negatively.

The learning process and training period required by ICD-10 demands a reliable strategic partner for maintaining your statistics intact and keeping accounts aligned with your objectives.

Think ahead, and make use of Medical Coding Services offered by us covers the following:

Observation / Monitoring

Practices / Clinics

Acute Care Service

All sub-specialties

Emergency Services

Surgery on same day

Inpatient Department

Hospice and Home Health

Reliable Medical Coding Services with High Quality & Incredible Speed.

Management of Accounts
We understand that every client is unique while client needs differ from practice to practice, according to EMR, and by type of chart. We assign account administrator to fulfil your specific requirement.

Reliable Speed
It is our Endeavor to expedite your revenue cycle mechanism and boost prompt compensation.

Highest Possible Quality
All coders in Adarko are not only selected by using diligent recruitment techniques and tests but they also undergo ongoing review and external audit for ensuring high quality. Coding assignments are entrusted to team members with specific experience and training; they are monitored by team leaders with expertise.

Medical Coding in its Most Authentic Form
Precise and competent coding plays a vital role in enabling organizations to achieve compliance and financial objectives. Hospitals can get a complete range of coding solutions with cutting-edge technology that fully addresses coding requirements. By outsourcing coding needs to Adarko, hospitals gain access to accurate coding process, constant quality checks, and best possible turnaround time.

Key Features of Adarko Medical Coding Services

Outpatient as well as inpatient medical coding

Expedited revenue cycle

Reduction in claim denial

Reduction in coding stockpile

Coding Denial analysis and management

The trained and skilled team of Adarko consists of over XX expert coders on floor, with about XX coders on bench. This backup assures that eventualities such as attrition, absenteeism, volume overflow, and backlogs are managed efficiently and ramping up production when needed is made possible.

These regular coding services apart, we also provide certain other useful solutions to clients:

RAC preparedness

Coding Audit Service

Bill Review Service

Clinical Documentation Improvement

Depending on the size of the task offered, we use to charge clients on FTE/Per Chart pricing options available.

We are leaders, in Adarko we also provide comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management Services!


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