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Partner with Adarko for eliminating Medical Billing blues

App-based, online medical billing system, with on-demand support, straight through processing and a powerful rules engine. It’s a fraction of the price of medical billing services, unbelievably fast and much more accurate.

We believe in blending progressive and innovative technology with our competent services for delivering client-specific billing solutions. Adarko offers not only an enthusiastic team with seasoned experts devoted to your financial welfare but also robust EHR / EMR Software and tools for streamlining and optimising your schedules, and managing patient care efficiently.

Avail completely integrated medical billing service from Adarko that not only improves your claims and collections but also offers a competitive edge to your practice. Practices across the world are facing the challenges of modern health care Regulations, growing complexity in coding, rocketing costs, and dwindling reimbursements.

Reach out to us – we will assist in increasing your Medical Claims Compensation

Serving medical practices regardless of size and specialty, we make it our mission to simplify your billing worries and enhance reimbursements, thus preventing your collection worries. Equipped with cutting-edge billing software and EHR, we enable clients to improve their revenues within a short period of time.

Adarko Transcription Services, offers the following Complete and Partial Billing Services:

Patient Billing, Collection, and Payment Posting

Comprehensive monthly reports

Account Receivables Review

Follow-up on Claims

Insurance Collections

Denial Management

By outsourcing your medical billing-related assignments to us, you get access to transparent and easy to follow bills, reports and inquiries on demand, and accuracy in all figures submitted. We understand the uniqueness of every practice and make arrangement for providing tailor-made solutions for each of our clients.

Benefits of Adarko Billing Services:

Precise and timely posting of payments

Reduction in denials and errors

Patient care is the focus

Timely closure of honored claims

Insurance Aging analysis and reporting

Elimination of overdue bills

By caring for your practice, we let you focus on your patients

Adarko, the pioneers in medical billing and coding services, provide value added and comprehensive revenue cycle management solutions to various hospitals and health systems across the world. Backed by trained and experienced

professionals with qualification and expertise, we ensure effective processes, better cash flow, and reliable customer service to our clients. Our exclusive medical billing software offers unmatched analytics and accuracy.

What makes Adarko Tick?

Remote access to accounts facilitated

Electronic processing of claims

Maximum reimbursement of insurance claims

Aggressive management of aged receivables

Integration with other medical technology software

Disaster Recovery possibility

By outsourcing Medical Billing Needs to Adarko , practices may gain higher rate of reimbursement, reduced operating costs, and get efficient as well as high quality billing solutions.

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