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The crucial process of Clinical Documentation depends largely on perfect Medical Transcription. Adarko excels in combining innovative technology with profound transcription skills. We deliver unmatched transcription solutions that are both great performers and cost savers—blending into the indispensable, vital thinking of seasoned transcribers and transformation of progressive clinical documentation process.

Organisation level Transcription Services

Outpatient & Inpatient Assistance

International, Domestic, and Mixed Resources

Transcription Solutions for all Specialties

Solutions to all Vendor Platforms

Considerable saving on Transcription Costs!

Higher Quality Not Higher Costs

It is a challenge to strike a balance between achieving cost reduction and improving care quality. Adarko adopts our own personal solution model capable of delivering performance with high standards while assisting clients’ objectives related to reducing costs.

With quality as our main focus in every element of our transcription solutions, we ensure that errors and re-work are avoided, thus saving clients’ money and time. We hire only the best talent to assure delivery of results with high standards.

Customized Turnaround Time and Prompt Delivery

Speed is invariably fundamental to the success of revenue cycle management as well as patient care. We ensure maintenance of productivity in peak demand periods by being effectively and appropriately staffed. We have designed our technology with a view of maximising transcription speed.

Proprietary Technology Exclusively for Serving our Clients

Adarko offers a combination of flexibility, reliability, and speed to clients. Not many vendors create, possess, and support their own technologies as we do.

Our unique platform is web-based and allows transfer of dictation as well as completed files with total security.

Our application lets you monitor and update schedules of patients, browse through demographic details, go through early transcripts, and securely dictate—all these are possible from your preferred devices such as a tablet or smartphone.

Why Adarko?

The comprehensive and authentic medical transcription transforms documentation of patient information plays a vital role in enabling medical practices to accomplish essential measures, ensures ICD-10 related specificity, and creates reliable data mining for generating necessary statistics.

Medical practices and hospitals across the globe have been partnering with Adarko for availing the services of its huge remote team of medical transcriptionists with efficiency and its expertise in transcription services. We provide diligent conversion of dictation into meaningful and reliable clinical information.

A few of the dictation solutions provided by Adarko:

Digital portals to upload your dictation files

Smartphone & Mobile Devices

PC dictation with speech recognition

Our back-end team have been servicing hospitals and medical practices for a decade. We offer 2 to 12-hour turnaround time as well as 24 × 7 technical support to clients.

We have attained the niche of being the top-notch transcription service outsourcing company with the contemporary infrastructure needed to service clients effectively.

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